Help for English speaking people

everybody who speak English come here and help how to play

Hi! You should just ask what you want. For that purpose here is available “Help chat”.
And then someone else helps you.

i am blocked on chat i dont know why

because of breaking the rules probably?

Anyway you can write here your questions I suppose and we can try to help you.

And write to support there you can answer why you are blocked

Once I was blocked in the mafia game for a while because of speaking English. Some people cannot understand me so they claimed.
I guess chat moderators didn’t understand you and probably considered your messages as spam.

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what is adres to support

Nu naconetc to zemlyaki poyavils’(-:


how to take points from weapon for hunting?

they will be charged and will bring a bonus of sharpshooter

how to do it.?
i am still hire hand

when hunting you earn points on the gun-the more shot the more earned.if the gun will be removed in the amount they will spend-and remain on the gun. that they spent it is necessary that the gun was dressed.

i dont hunt yet
i buy this weapon on market
it have got 8 points
i want to change to gold
is possible as hire hand?

in order to wear a gun you need to buy a license for this gun-this time.and the second with 8 points will change.when daydet to hunt and then will spend-and now there is not any sense!

i have eight points acumulated bonus
my wepon is in use on ly 2 days yet

when dressed, the weapons points are deducted each day-giving the prize a dead shot.if you do not hunt they will not appear.

i dont may buy licence for hnting becouse i am hire hand

so don’t buy it-if you’re not going hunting. let it lie-if that always can sell it later.

Good luck. it’s time to go water the garden)the Economy not only in the game.))