how long you play here? what is your status?
where are yoou come from? What city do you live?
what is your favorite football team? What kind of game do you play?

where do you keep your money? what password do you usually use? where is the nearest military unit? where are the missile launchers?)

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~8 years. tradesman,from Petrozavodsk (some north of Saint-Peterburg)
Uganda team)
Where are you from?)

TC - and you do not give your wife? :smile:

Hey. Play couple of months, and can year, or couple of days. Depends on which date to count from and how.At the moment I have the status of a farmhand. I live in a small Russian city called Petrozavodsk\Orekhovo-Zuevo.What can you tell us about yourself?

I play since 1 may. i am still hire hand
its my first this kind of games with rusiian language.
i play few similar but in english